MantisMantis and Groot (Sapling)Groot (Sapling) are available from the OrbBox Orb box starting 5/31 (PT).

Mantis + Groot (Sapling)

A higher drop rate of Mantis and Groot (Sapling) Tsums for a limited time only (until 6/3 11:59PM PT)! Plus, during this period, the Mantis and Groot (Sapling) Tsums will come with 5 Luck (until 6/3 11:59PM PT)!

HP, ATK, and DEF will be boosted by 500 for Mantis and Groot (Sapling) for a limited time only (until 6/30 11:59PM PT)! (Boosts to Tsum Tsum will be removed after the deadline ends.)



Attribute: Speed SPEED

Skill: Change random areas to Mantis Tsum Tsum

Ability: Briefly guard from regular attacks (triggers randomly with every 30 combo)

Groot (Sapling)

Groot (Sapling)

Attribute: Blast BLAST

Skill: Rocket Raccoon will appear to clear Tsum Tsum and change nearby Tsum Tsum into Groot

Ability: Briefly boost DEF (triggers randomly with 8+ chains)

Source: Official Site

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