Tickets are special items that allow you to get Powerups or Tsum boxes for free.

Powerup tickets Edit

Powerup tickets are typically prizes for getting Achievements.

Mode Ticket Powerup
Puzzle mode only Ticket-Score Score:
score +10%
Ticket-Time Time:
+5 seconds
Ticket-5-4 5→4:
4 types of Tsums on the field instead of 5
Battle mode only Ticket-HP HP:
increases the team HP for the Battle by 10%
Ticket-Delay Delay:
delays the movement and attacks of the Battle Boss
Puzzle mode / Battle mode Ticket-Large Large:
increases Large Tsum appearance
Ticket-Bomb Bomb:
making a bomb takes a 6-Chain, not a 7-Chain

Tsum box tickets Edit

Tsum box tickets are typically prizes in Special Events.

Ticket Usage
Ticket-Orbbox Orb box:
1 free Orb box from the Store
Ticket-Coinbox Coin box:
1 free Coin box from the Store

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