The first stage in the Marvel Tsum Tsum game is very much a tutorial or training experience. As such, it is based in S.H.I.E.L.D.Link-MarvelDB Headquarters, where the player gets trained as an Avenger. It has 6 missions including two battles: with Hawkeye and Captain America.

Missions Edit

Level Mission Gold-2stars Gold-3stars
1-1 Mega Charge 1 Times 160,000+ pts 200,000+ pts
1-2 Collect 15 coins 160,000+ pts 200,000+ pts
1-3 Win the Battle: HawkeyeHawkeye 30%+ HP 60%+ HP
1-4 Reach 3 Combos 160,000+ pts 200,000+ pts
1-5 Clear 2 Bombs 160,000+ pts 200,000+ pts
1-6 Win the Battle: Captain AmericaCaptain America Under 120 seconds Under 90 seconds

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