Formerly a villain known as Screaming Mimi, Melissa Gold changed her ways after working with the Thunderbolts and became the superhero Songbird. She can take to the skies with her wings, and produce super sonic screams to use against her enemies.

 Skill Edit

Sonic Blast: Clear random Tsum Tsum with super sonic blasts

Level Effect Cost to upgrade
1 Clear: 7-9 --
2 Clear: 8-10 ISO-yellowx20 Coinx2,000
3 Clear: 9-11  ??
4 Clear: 10-12  ??
5 Clear: 11-13  ??
6 Clear: ??  ??

Special Edit

Sonic Wing: Flap sonic wings to clear Tsum Tsum in V-shape

Level Effect Cost to upgrade
1 Range: SS ISO-whitex1 Coinx1,500
2 Range: S ISO-whitex3 ISO-greenx2 Coinx3,500
3 Range: M  ??
4 Range: L  ??
5 Range: LL  ??
6 Range: ??  ??

Ability Edit

B Boost [Chain]: Briefly increase BLAST Tsum Tsum score (triggers randomly with 10+ chains)

Level Effect Cost to upgrade
1 Chance: 20% --
2 Chance: 25% ISO-pinkx50 Coinx3,000
3 Chance: 30% ISO-yellowx10 ISO-pinkx60 ISO-violetx5 Coinx6,000
4 Chance: 35%  ??
5 Chance: 40%  ??

Gameplay video Edit

Songbird Skills Intro MARVEL Tsum Tsum00:36

Songbird Skills Intro MARVEL Tsum Tsum

Tips and Tricks Edit

Trivia Edit


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