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Puzzle mode

In Marvel Tsum Tsum, there are two game modes: Puzzle mode and Battle mode.

In Puzzle mode, you play against the clock and try to achieve the highest possible score.

For the Puzzle mode tutorial, go to Button-Settings Settings → How to Play → Puzzle mode.

Most of the Button-Stage Stage missions, Button-DailyChallenge Daily Challenge missions, and the Helicarrier Highscore Ranking challenge are in Puzzle mode.

Basics Edit

Chains Edit

(what are chains)

For more information see: Chains

Bombs Edit

(about bombs)

For more information see: Bombs

Mega Charge Edit

(about mega charge: fill in bar, ?x multiplier damage, skills pause mega charge)

For more information see: Mega Charge

Combo Edit

(about combos)

For more information see: Combos

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