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AbilitiesAchievementsAgent 13
America ChavezAncient OneAnt-Man
Ant-Man: Defeat YellowjacketBaron MordoBattle mode
Battle with Baron MordoBattle with Black CatBattle with Cornell Cottonmouth
Battle with Corvus GlaiveBattle with CrossbonesBattle with Destroyer
Battle with Doctor OctopusBattle with DormammuBattle with Loki
Battle with M.O.D.O.K.Battle with MagusBattle with Maximus
Battle with MephistoBattle with Morgan Le FayBattle with Nebula
Battle with NightmareBattle with Purple ManBattle with Ronan
Battle with ScreamBattle with Supreme IntelligenceBattle with Venom
Battle with Winter SoldierBattle with YellowjacketBeginner's Guide
BengalBlack BoltBlack Cat
Black PantherBlack WidowBlade
BombsBooster ChallengeBoosters
Captain AmericaCaptain America (Sam Wilson)Captain Marvel
ChainsCharacter list with statsChemistro
Cornell CottonmouthCorvus GlaiveCosmo
Daily ChallengeDaredevilDarkhawk
DestroyerDevil DinosaurDoctor Octopus
Doctor StrangeDoctor Strange: Becoming the Sorcerer SupremeDormammu
GamoraGamora (All-New All-Different)Ghost Rider
Green GoblinGrootGuardians of the Galaxy Event
Heroes for HireHeroes for Hire (April 2017)Heroes for Hire (December 2016)
Heroes for Hire (February 2017)Howard the DuckHulk
Hulk (Amadeus Cho)ISO-8Iron Fist
Iron ManIron SpiderIronheart
Jessica JonesKate BishopKingpin
LockjawLokiLuke Cage
M.O.D.O.K.Madame HydraMadame Masque
Main PageMan-ThingMaximus
Moon GirlMorbiusMorgan Le Fay
MosaicMs. Marvel (Kamala Khan)NPC
Nick FuryNight ThrasherNightmare
Nova (Richard Rider)Peggy CarterPhil Coulson
PowerupsProwlerProxima Midnight
PunisherPurple ManPuzzle mode
QuakeRed She-HulkRed Skull
Rocket RaccoonRonanScream
Spider-Man: Protect New York from the darknessSpider-Man (Miles Morales)Spider-Woman
Squirrel GirlStage 1Stage 10
Stage 11Stage 12Stage 13
Stage 14Stage 2Stage 3
Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6
Stage 7Stage 8Stage 9
Star-LordStar-Lord (Annihilation)Status Up
Status effectsStoreSupreme Intelligence
Thanos: Stop the InvasionThorThor (Jane Foster)
VisionViv VisionWar Machine
WaspWhite FoxWhite Tiger
Winter SoldierYellowjacketYondu

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