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Japanese version of the Marvel Tsum Tsum game is the original game that was inaugurated in Japan a few months earlier than the International version. Most of the game text is in Japanese.

Since this wiki is mostly concerned with the International version of Marvel Tsum Tsum (which is in part due to most contributors being unable to read Japanese), it wouldn't pursue the information on Japanese one all that much. Nevertheless, as the Japanese version started earlier than the International one, most updates and events occur there some time before they are implemented in the Int'l version. This makes the Japanese version a useful source of information about future events, gameplay updates, new characters etc.

There are also some differences between the Japanese and the International version, in particular Skill upgrade costs may differ for some characters. Additionally, there are a few Tsums that only exist in Japanese version of the game, and there is no evidence that the developers ever plan to add them to the International version as well. From the MARVEL universe characters those are:

There are also three "monster" characters that were added into the Japanese version of MARVEL Tsum Tsum game. They are based on a special edition Japanese-only Disney plush tsums[1] and have nothing to do with MARVEL. Instead, they are based on characters from Monster Strike game:

In Japanese version they occupy a separate tab.

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