ISO-8 Challenge - Materials is a special Battle where VisionVision has to be defeated for a chance of getting ISO-red Red ISO-8, ISO-green Green ISO-8, or ISO-blue Blue ISO-8 rewards.

It is available on Sunday.
For more information see: Battles#Resource Battles

Rewards Edit

The possible rewards are:

Red ISO-8 Green ISO-8 Blue ISO-8 Boosters Coins Pink ISO-8
ISO-8Red-clear ISO-8Green-clear ISO-8Blue-clear Booster-clear Coin-clear ISO-8Pink-clear
By default, you get two prize slots per game. However, you can increase the amount of prize slots you get to a maximum of 7.
For more information see: Battles#Prizes

Attacks & Abilities Edit

  • Spark Attack — Vision's regular damaging attack.
  • Third Eye Attack — Vision attacks with a ray from the crystalLink-MarvelDB in the middle of his forehead doing increased damage.
  • Burn Burn — Burns random Tsums on the field. Player takes damage every second from every Tsum affected by Burn until they are removed. All burning Tsums are extinguished on entering Rush mode.
  • Lower Defense — Vision lowers the player's team's DEF, thus dealing more damage when he attacks.
  • Bomb consuming — Vision sucks all the Bombs on the field into himself thus preventing the player from using them. For some time new bombs that spawn or are passed over by co-op partner are also sucked in.

Strategy Edit

VisionVision is Blast, so he is countered by a team of Power.

Don't forget that the more Tsums on your team have an advantage type over the villain, the bigger your advantage!

Don't forget that you can send Bombs to your partner during co-op by flicking them up quickly when the villain is not on your screen!

Burn Burn is countered by:

Burning Tsums should be removed as soon as possible, since each of them deals damage consistently (every second) until they are removed or the status effect is lifted.

Tips & Tricks Edit

ISO-8 challenges are considered some of the easiest battles in the game, but if you are having trouble with them, play co-op with Friends and you'll beat them easily in no time.

Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you will get ISO-red/ISO-green/ISO-blue ISO-8 from this battle. For a bigger chance:

  • Play at the hardest possible difficulty.
  • Use a Leader Tsum with the biggest Luck that you have.
  • Play co-op with Friends, especially those who have high Luck Tsums. See this article on how to find new friends.

Clear Rewards Edit

easyEnergy Coinx500
normalEnergy Coinx1,000
hardEnergy Coinx2,000
expertEnergyEnergy Orbx1

See also Edit

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