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The February 2017 Heroes for Hire event took place in the last two weeks of February 2017.

Board prizesEdit

Board Difficulty Medals Prize
1 5,000xCoin
2 3xISO-white
3 5,000xBooster
4 3xISO-red
5 3xOrb
6 5xISO-white
7 3xISO-green
8 10,000xCoin
9 3xISO-blue
10 Moon Girl 4 Gold-star 25 Medal Moon Girl Luck +5
11 Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) 3 Gold-star 20 Medal 5xISO-white
12 5xISO-red
13 5xISO-green
14 5xISO-white
15 Moon Girl 5 Gold-star 30 Medal Moon Girl Luck +5
16 Hulk (Amadeus Cho) 4 Gold-star 25 Medal 5xISO-blue
17 10xISO-white
18 Ironheart 6 Gold-star 35 Medal 5xOrb
19 Devil Dinosaur 5 Gold-star 30 Medal 10xISO-white
20 5xOrb
21 Moon Girl 7 Gold-star 40 Medal 10xOrb

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