Grenades are a special kind of attack used by Villains.

Bosses Edit


Red Skull and his Grenades

Grenades are quite rare, and so far the only regular Battle boss that uses them is Red SkullRed Skull.

They have also been used by YonduYondu in the temporary Guardians of the Galaxy event.

Mechanics Edit

Red Skull places up to three Grenades on the field. The Grenades have a timer and they can be destroyed with AoE Skills or Bombs before detonation. If the game goes into Rush, the Grenades reappear after it in the same state they were when Rush started.

Tips & Tricks Edit

Grenades are countered by Captain America (Sam Wilson)Captain America (Sam Wilson):

  • Aerobatic (skill) disarms grenades in 1 hit;
  • Aerial Throw (special) disarms grenades in 1 hit;

and IronheartIronheart:

  • Resist Grenade (ability) reduces damage from grenades by 5-25% (depending on the level).

Grenades can be disarmed by several Bomb hits, so it might be a good idea to use a leader Tsum whose skill spawns Bombs:




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