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Farming is a term used in the Marvel Tsum Tsum community for continuously repeating Battles or Stage missions in order to receive a certain resource or Tsum.

Villain farming Edit

Villain farming, also referred to as Boss farming or Luck farming — battling a certain villain over and over in order to receive Tsum boxes up to 99 Luck. It is probably the most played game mode and certainly the most played in Co-op.

Ironically, the best Tsums to farm Villains are other Villains. This is because they can actually be farmed up to Luck 99, which means two more guaranteed prize slots.

The most popular Tsums for Villain farming are:

Scream is by far the most popular farming Leader. She is even often used by those who have 99 Luck Orb box Tsums. Her Skill is homing (targets the boss) and fast-loading.
Another useful farming Leader is Venom. Since Scream does not return often, many people start off with him. His Ability might also be useful for scoring and coin farming purposes.
There are two most popular Blast Leaders for farming, and one of them is Nightmare. Mainly the reason is a fast-loading Skill (12 Tsums).
Yellowjacket is argued by some to be quite superior to Nightmare. Although his Skill loads slower (20 Tsums), it is a homing skill (it targets the boss) and creates a Large Tsum (which is an equivalent of 5 Tsums, so basically you can subtract 5 from the trigger number).
Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier is unexpectedly the best Villain farming Tsum even though his ATK is the lowest in the game (tied with Red Skull). However, his extremely fast-loading Skill (10 Tsums) makes him the best choice for battling even such challenging opponents as Dormammu.
Black Cat
Black Cat
Black Cat is another popular choice, although the consensus is that she is inferior to Winter Soldier.

As for Support Tsums, the two most important things to consider are their overall ATK and ATK up Ability.

The Tsums with ATK up Ability:
Power ScreamScream [8+ Chain]
Power Jessica JonesJessica Jones [8+ Chain]
Blast MosaicMosaic [8+ Chain]
Blast Spider-WomanSpider-Woman [8+ Chain]
Speed FalconFalcon [8+ Chain]
Power Black PantherBlack Panther [20 Combos]
Power Captain MarvelCaptain Marvel [20 Combos]
Power Night ThrasherNight Thrasher [20 Combos]
Blast QuakeQuake [20 Combos]
Speed Corvus GlaiveCorvus Glaive [20 Combos]
Blast Black BoltBlack Bolt [<30% HP]
(Large boost)
Speed ProwlerProwler [<30% HP]
(Large boost)
Power Cornell CottonmouthCornell Cottonmouth [<30% HP]
Power America ChavezAmerica Chavez [<30% HP]
Speed NebulaNebula [<30% HP]
The three Tsums with the best ATK in the game are:

If you want to consider other team members (e.g. if you don't have the Tsums listed above), you might want to check out the Stats article, with a sortable table to compare stats.

Other useful Abilities are tailored to the boss, e.g. Burn Resist Burn or Poison Resist Poison. To choose the most useful Tsum for a particular battle, see the tips in the respective Boss battle article.

Clearing Battles also gives Achievement bonuses.

Games played Reward Games played Reward
play 5 times 5xISO-yellow play 55 times 5xISO-yellow
play 10 times 5xISO-yellow play 60 times 5xISO-yellow
play 15 times 5xISO-yellow play 65 times 5xISO-yellow
play 20 times 5xISO-yellow play 70 times 5xISO-yellow
play 25 times 5xISO-yellow play 75 times 5xISO-yellow
play 30 times 5xISO-yellow play 80 times 5xISO-yellow
play 35 times 5xISO-yellow play 85 times 5xISO-yellow
play 40 times 5xISO-yellow play 90 times 5xISO-yellow
play 5 times 5xISO-yellow play 55 times 5xISO-yellow
play 45 times 5xISO-yellow play 99 times 5xISO-yellow
Tsum boxes received Reward
collect 10 2xOrb
collect 20 3,000xCoin
collect 30 3,000xCoin
collect 40 3,000xCoin
collect 50 3xOrb
collect 60 3,000xCoin
collect 70 3,000xCoin
collect 80 3,000xCoin
collect 90 3,000xCoin
collect 99 5xOrb

ISO farming Edit

ISO farming, or Material farming usually means playing ISO-8 Challenges to earn ISO-red Red / ISO-green Green / ISO-blue Blue ISO-8.

There has been a small study that showed that the probability of getting an ISO-8 crystal for playing the ISO-8 challenge on expertEnergyEnergy difficulty is around 5% per slot. As such, it is easy to calculate that the probability of getting at least one crystal while playing on expertEnergyEnergy with a partner, with both having 99 Luck Leader Tsums (i.e. having 7 slots total), is

P(A)=1-P(\neg A)=1-0.95^7\approx 0.3

If you are looking for ways to get other types of ISO-8, see this article.

Booster farming Edit

Booster farming basically means repeating Booster challenge in order to get Booster Boosters.

For tips, see the Booster Challenge article.

Coin farming Edit

Coin farming means playing games specifically in order to gain as many coins as possible.

While playing boss fights on higher difficulties (chaosEnergyEnergyEnergy or impossibleEnergyEnergyEnergy) will typically get you quite a lot of coins, the term mostly refers to playing in Puzzle mode on your own.

The most popular Tsums for Coin farming are:

Leader Adam Warlock
Adam Warlock
Adam WarlockAdam Warlock is considered to be the best choice for coin farming as of now. It is recommended to max his primary Skill (level 6) for best results. Using the Skill typically creates enough tsums to clear the whole screen and trigger the Skill again, constantly leading the player back into Mega Charge mode.
Leader Hulk
HulkHulk used to be the first choice for coin farming. It is recommended to max his primary Skill (level 6). At maximum, the Skill creates 3 Large Tsums. The Chain from these L Tsums plus one Bomb leads the player right into Mega Charge mode; so it is recommended to keep a spare Bomb on the screen at all times. The Special is also powerful and will also lead you into Mega Charge at once at most levels.
Support Star-Lord
Star-LordStar-Lord's Ability gives a chance to boost coin revenue when you make a Chain of 12 or more. He is almost always used as support for HulkHulk or Adam WarlockAdam Warlock.
Support Green Goblin
Green Goblin
Green GoblinGreen Goblin's ability gives a chance to boost coin revenue with each multiple of 30 Combos. This means he is less useful with the typical coin farming leaders, but he would work well with leaders who make a lot of Combos, such as DestroyerDestroyer or LokiLoki.

Instructional videos Edit

Coin farming with Adam Warlock (JPN)04:15

Coin farming with Adam Warlock (JPN)

Coin farming with Hulk05:23

Coin farming with Hulk

See also Edit


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