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This is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to add new characters to the wiki.

Most of the examples are tailored for Source Editor users.

Upcoming Tsum Edit

Before the character is released, but after they are announced, you can get ready by making their dedicated page.

Make sure you spell the name correctly. For example, "Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)" is correct spelling, while "Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan)" is missing a dot, and "Ms. Marvel" is incomplete.

The page can be basically empty, or you can add a blank template from here.

However, before the character is released, be sure to put a {{future}} template in the very beginning. You can also write the time of expected release where the description should go.

You can also add an announcement to the News section of the Main Page. For example:

{{tsumtext|Nova (Sam Alexander)}} new to {{coinbox}} - 4th June 2017!

Calculator data Edit

You should start by adding the data to the Calculator module.

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