Daily Challenge
Daily Challenge is a limited-time event with 15 daily missions to break Capsules which contain useful prizes.

Every day, the player is given the chance to play a mission to break up to three Capsules. The mission can be replayed until at least one Capsule is broken. There is a maximum of three Capsules in each such mission.

The event pops up automatically every day, but it can also be accessed from the Button-DailyChallenge Daily Challenge button on the Button-Stage Stage screen.

Capsules Edit

Every day's mission has a maximum of three Capsules: the first is a Capsule-Rare Rare Capsule (Capsule-Orb Orb Capsule on the 5th, 10th and 15th day of the Challenge), and the other two are Capsule-Regular Normal Capsules.

Image Name Possible Prize
Capsule-Orb Orb Capsule Orb x5
Capsule-Rare Rare Capsule Coin x5,000
ISO-white ISO-8 White x1
ISO-red ISO-8 Red x1
ISO-green ISO-8 Green x1
ISO-blue ISO-8 Blue x1
Ticket-Bomb Bomb Powerup ticket x3
Ticket-5-4 5→4 Powerup ticket x3
Ticket-Large Large Powerup ticket x3
Capsule-Regular Regular Capsule Coin x500
Booster x500
ISO-yellow ISO-8 Yellow x1
Ticket-Score Score Powerup ticket x3
Ticket-Time Time Powerup x3
Ticket-HP HP Powerup ticket x3

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