Marvel Tsum Tsum is not a competitive, but rather a cooperative game. This means playing co-op with a partner is very beneficial.

Daily Free Matching Edit

Once a day, you can play co-op with any other Marvel Tsum Tsum Player. There are two ways to use this option:

  • Join a game. Press the Join button in Battle mode, and you will see other players who are also looking for a daily match. You can either join a game you like or search again if you don't like any of the games offered (or, if there are no players recruiting at the moment).
  • Host your own game. If you are willing to spend the Energy, or if no one seems to be hosting the boss that you need, you can try starting your own game and recruit other players. If someone likes the game you are hosting, they will join you.

After the game, both players are prompted with a suggestion to add their partner for this game as a friend.

This option is only available once a day. In the game, a new day starts at 12AM PT (7AM UTC).

Co-Op with Friends Edit

With a Friend, you can play co-op games more than once a day. In fact, you can play co-op as many times as you want!

This works both ways:

  • When you go into the Join menu, you will see your Friends if they are hosting, regardless of whether you have finished your daily free matching or not.
  • When you are hosting the game, all your Friends will see you if they press the Join button.

Even if you haven't played with a random player yet, but a person on your Friend list is hosting a game, you will see them at the top of the list when you search, and they will have a "friend" label.

Alliance Edit


Alliance meter

Every day, once you do 5 battles with a Friend, you get an alliance reward.

You can see your alliance meter on your Button-Friends Friend list.

If you do not finish your alliance within a day (only played 1–4 games), your games are transferred to the next day until you finish your alliance. If you play 5 or more games with a Friend, your alliance resets the next day

Here is the list of rewards:

Day # Reward
1 2000xCoin
2 1000xBooster
3 2000xCoin
4 1000xBooster
5 5xISO-yellow
6 1000xCoin
7 2000xBooster
8 1000xCoin
9 2000xBooster
10 1xOrb
11+ restart from day 1

Rules Edit

The boss will jump from one screen to another, allowing both players to participate in the game equally.

The HP of the players fighting against the boss will be the combined HP of both players' teams!

The side on which the boss currently is would be the Battle side; the other side would be the Support side.


The boss leaves a player's screen and goes to their partner

Battle side


Damaging the boss

This is the only side that will deal the damage to the boss.

The only exception is Rush mode, when both players will be able to damage the boss.

Most players prefer to save their damaging Skills until they are on the Battle side. The only exception is when they want to speed up Rush mode, especially if the team is close to losing or if the boss has started a timer.

Support side

The player on the support side won't be able to deal any damage to the boss. However, they will heal the players with whatever they do: make Chains, use Bombs or Skills.



Sending Bombs

But the most important way to help the player on the Battle side is sending Bombs! You can send them by flicking them up.

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