Here you can find basic information on all the characters in the game. In particular, you can find Tsums listed by source.

If you need to compare Tsums by stats (score/ATK/Ability/etc), see Character list with stats.

Getting new Characters Edit

There are several sources for new Characters:

Orb box Tsums Edit

Orb boxes can be purchased from the Store and cost 5 Orb per box.

There are currently 30 Orb box Tsums:

Power Blast Speed
War MachineWar Machine Iron ManIron Man FalconFalcon
Captain AmericaCaptain America Phil CoulsonPhil Coulson HawkeyeHawkeye
ThorThor VisionVision Black WidowBlack Widow
HulkHulk Thor (Jane Foster)Thor (Jane Foster) Peggy CarterPeggy Carter
Captain MarvelCaptain Marvel Star-LordStar-Lord Spider-ManSpider-Man
She-HulkShe-Hulk Rocket RaccoonRocket Raccoon Kate BishopKate Bishop
DraxDrax Agent 13Agent 13 GamoraGamora
GrootGroot Spider-WomanSpider-Woman SilkSilk
Black PantherBlack Panther Spider-Man (Miles Morales)Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Spider-GwenSpider-Gwen
Iron SpiderIron Spider Doctor StrangeDoctor Strange DaredevilDaredevil
Ghost RiderGhost Rider Ancient OneAncient One ElektraElektra
Man-ThingMan-Thing Viv VisionViv Vision ProwlerProwler
Luke CageLuke Cage IronheartIronheart BladeBlade
Jessica JonesJessica Jones WaspWasp GwenpoolGwenpool
Iron FistIron Fist QuakeQuake MockingbirdMockingbird
Hulk (Amadeus Cho)Hulk (Amadeus Cho) Black BoltBlack Bolt MedusaMedusa
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) CrystalCrystal Star-Lord (Annihilation)Star-Lord (Annihilation)
Captain America (Sam Wilson)Captain America (Sam Wilson) Gamora (All-New All-Different)Gamora (All-New All-Different) MantisMantis
Ant-ManAnt-Man Groot (Sapling)Groot (Sapling) Adam WarlockAdam Warlock
Nova (Richard Rider)Nova (Richard Rider)

Coin box Tsums Edit

Coin boxes can be purchased from the Store and cost 30,000 Coin per box.

There are currently 13 Coin box Tsums:

Power Blast Speed
ThorThor Rocket RaccoonRocket Raccoon Kate BishopKate Bishop
Night ThrasherNight Thrasher SongbirdSongbird White TigerWhite Tiger
Devil DinosaurDevil Dinosaur CosmoCosmo White FoxWhite Fox
BengalBengal DarkhawkDarkhawk Squirrel GirlSquirrel Girl
America ChavezAmerica Chavez Howard the DuckHoward the Duck DaggerDagger
Red She-HulkRed She-Hulk CloakCloak HellcatHellcat
Nova (Sam Alexander)Nova (Sam Alexander)

Battle Tsums (Villains) Edit

Villains are Tsums that cannot be obtained from boxes but can drop from Battles.

There are currently 16 Villains:

Power Blast Speed
UltronUltron RonanRonan Winter SoldierWinter Soldier
DestroyerDestroyer Green GoblinGreen Goblin CrossbonesCrossbones
VenomVenom LokiLoki Black CatBlack Cat
Cornell CottonmouthCornell Cottonmouth Doctor OctopusDoctor Octopus MorbiusMorbius
KingpinKingpin Madame MasqueMadame Masque Corvus GlaiveCorvus Glaive
M.O.D.O.K.M.O.D.O.K. MephistoMephisto Madame HydraMadame Hydra
ScreamScream Baron MordoBaron Mordo Morgan Le FayMorgan Le Fay
DormammuDormammu NightmareNightmare MaximusMaximus
Supreme IntelligenceSupreme Intelligence ChemistroChemistro NebulaNebula
MagusMagus Purple ManPurple Man
Proxima MidnightProxima Midnight
Red SkullRed Skull

Special Event Tsums Edit

Special Event Tsums are the rarest Tsums in the game. They can only be obtained during Special limited-time Events.

Event Prize Tsum Max Luck Bonus
Heroes for Hire I Nick FuryNick Fury Luck +1
Heroes for Hire II Moon GirlMoon Girl Luck +10
Heroes for Hire III LockjawLockjaw Luck +10
Guardians of the Galaxy event YonduYondu Luck +21

Pickup Capsule Tsums Edit

A Pickup Capsule is a temporary container which can be drawn from at the Store. It contains a particular limited set of boxes with Tsums.

Each random draw from the Capsule costs 5 Orb.

Each draw from the Capsule gives only one box, but the prize Tsum is guaranteed to have higher Luck and if you happen to need one of the Tsums on the list the probability of drawing it from the Capsule is a lot higher than from the Orb box or Coin box. Also, after collecting all the boxes from the Pickup Capsule there is a Special Bonus Prize!

If you draw a box which contains a Tsum you already have, you will receive an Orb box ticket.

Available Theme Boxes Luck Bonus Grand Prize
May 2 – May 7 Guardians of the Galaxy Star-LordStar-Lord x3 Luck +3
2017 Pickup Capsule GamoraGamora x3 Luck +3
DraxDrax x3 Luck +3
GrootGroot x3 Luck +3
Rocket RaccoonRocket Raccoon x3 Luck +3
(Total: 15 Boxes) ISO-white x15

Stats Edit

Information about the Characters and their stats can be found in a separate article:

Character list with stats

Attribute types Edit

All Characters have one of the following Attributes:

In Battle mode, some types have advantage over others:
  • Power beats Blast
  • Blast beats Speed
  • Speed beats Power

To gain advantage, your Leader Tsum must have the advantage type, but the more Tsums on your team have this type, the bigger the advantage!

Example: in Battle with Venom Venom (Power) it's best to use a Speed leader, such as Winter SoldierWinter Soldier. For best results, also use Speed characters as support, such as Spider-ManSpider-Man and Black WidowBlack Widow.

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