Natasha Romanova, known as Black Widow, is considered one of the world's greatest spies. She uses her charm and superior combat skills to outmatch her opponents. She possesses all the assets needed to be a first class agent.


Widow's Blast: Random Line Bombs appear - they detonate horizontally!

Level Effect Cost to upgrade
1 Bombs: 1, Required: 16 --
2 Bombs: 1-2, Required: 16 ISO-yellowx20 Coinx2,000
3 Bombs: 1-2, Required: 15
4 Bombs: 2-3, Required: 15
5 Bombs: 2-3, Required: 14


Widow's Diversion: Clear random Tsum Tsum by fatal distraction

Level Effect Cost to upgrade
1 Clear: 11-15 --
2 Clear: 16-20 ISO-whitex3 ISO-bluex2 Coinx3,500
3 Clear: 20-24
4 Clear: 22-26
5 Clear: 23-27


Transform [Skill]: Leader Tsum Tsum appears randomly (triggers randomly when using skill)

Level Effect Cost to upgrade
1 Act: 5% --
2 Act: 7%
3 Act: 9%
4 Act: 12% ISO-whitex3 ISO-pinkx70 ISO-violetx10 Coinx10,000
5 Act: 15%

Gameplay videoEdit

Black Widow Skills Intro MARVEL Tsum Tsum00:38

Black Widow Skills Intro MARVEL Tsum Tsum

Tips and TricksEdit



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