T'Challa, the Black Panther, is the heir to a centuries-old ruling dynasty. As the king of Wakanda, his superior skills of leadership, combat, and intelligence protect the interests and people of his country.


Energy Dagger: clears tsums diagonally

Level Effect Cost to upgrade
1 Range: XS --
2 Range: S ISO-yellowx20 Coinx2,000
3 Range: M ISO-yellowx30 ISO-redx1 Coinx4,000
4 Range: L ISO-yellowx40 ISO-redx2 ISO-violetx10 Coinx7,000
5 Range: XL ISO-whitex4 ISO-redx7 ISO-violetx20 Coinx11,000
6 ? ?


Vibranium Claws: eliminates 3 types of tsums

Level Effect Cost to upgrade
1 Required: 55 ISO-whitex3 Coinx1,500
2 Required: 53 ISO-whitex3 ISO-redx2 Coinx3,500
3 Required: 51 ISO-whitex5 ISO-redx4 ISO-violetx10 Coinx8,500
4 Required: 48 ISO-whitex5 ISO-redx4 ISO-violetx20 Coinx15,500
5 Required: 45 ISO-whitex7 ISO-redx12 ISO-violetx30 Coinx24,500
6  ??  ??


ATK up [20 combo]: chance of temporarily increasing attack every 20 combo

Level Effect Cost to upgrade
1 Chance: 20% --
2 Chance: 25% ISO-pinkx50 Coinx3,000
3 Chance: 30% ISO-yellowx10 ISO-pinkx60 ISO-violetx5 Coinx6,000
4 Chance: 35% ISO-whitex3 ISO-pinkx70 ISO-violetx10 Coinx10,000
5 Chance: 40% ISO-whitex5 ISO-pinkx80 ISO-violetx20 Coinx15,000
6  ??  ??

Gameplay videoEdit

Black Panther Skills Intro - MARVEL Tsum Tsum00:36

Black Panther Skills Intro - MARVEL Tsum Tsum

Tips and TricksEdit



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