In Battle mode Venom is a Villain who has to be defeated for rewards. Every victory gives a chance to get the Venom Tsum, among other prizes — the harder the difficulty, the bigger the chance.

Attacks & Abilities Edit

  • Normal Attack — Venom's normal damaging attack
  • Tentacle attack — Venom strikes with his tentacles, dealing roughly twice the damage of normal attack.
  • Poison Poison — Poisons random Tsums on the field. Player takes damage every time they remove Tsums affected by Poison. All poisoned Tsums are detoxed on entering Rush mode.
  • Venomlings summon — Venom summons two smaller copies of himself (colloquially referred to as "venomlings" in the Marvel Tsum Tsum community). Those act as separate enemies on the field, having their own attack and HP. In Rush mode they take damage instead of Venom until they are defeated.
  • Invisibility — Venom becomes invisible, allowing him to easily move all over the board between the tsums. While he is in that state, he is not taking any damage. Hitting him with a Bomb or AoE Skill would force him to instantly reappear. Venomlings can go invisible independently.

Strategy Edit

Venom is Power, so he is countered by a team of Speed.

Don't forget that the more Tsums on your team have an advantage type over the villain, the bigger your advantage!

Don't forget that you can send Bombs to your partner during co-op by flicking them up quickly when the villain is not on your screen!

Poison Poison is countered by:

It is best not to use Skills or Bombs while there are poisoned Tsums in the field, and not to touch them altogether until the status effect is lifted.

Tips & Tricks Edit

  • Do not use Skills or Critical Bombs until Venom is out of Invisibility, because he will not receive damage from them!

Clear Rewards Edit

normalEnergy Coinx1,000
hardEnergy Coinx2,000
expertEnergyEnergy ISO-violetx2
chaosEnergyEnergyEnergy Orbx2

You can also get rewards for playing the game 99 times and for farming the boss to 99 Luck.

For more information see: Achievements#Battle Achievements

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