In Battle mode Red Skull is a villain who has to be defeated for rewards. Every victory gives a chance to get the Red SkullRed Skull Tsum, among other prizes — the harder the difficulty, the bigger the chance.

Henchmen Edit

At the start of the battle Hydra Agent Hydra Agents appear and Red Skull himself is nowhere to be seen. The agents can attack with fireballs and spark attacks. They appear by two or three at a time, and after some of them are defeated, new agents take their place. After defeating a certain number of them, there's a "The real battle begins here" message and the boss himself appears.

Attacks & Abilities Edit

  • Spark Attack — Red Skull's regular damaging attack.
  • Cosmic Cube Attack — Red Skull attacks with the TesseractLink-MarvelDB.
  • Grenade Grenades — Red Skull places up to three Grenades on the field. The Grenades have a timer and they can be destroyed with AoE Skills or Bombs before detonation. If the game goes into Rush, the Grenades reappear after it in the same state they were when Rush started.

Strategy Edit

Red SkullRed Skull is Blast, so he is countered by a team of Power.

Don't forget that the more Tsums on your team have an advantage type over the villain, the bigger your advantage!

Don't forget that you can send Bombs to your partner during co-op by flicking them up quickly when the villain is not on your screen!

Red Skull's Grenade grenades are countered by Captain America (Sam Wilson)Captain America (Sam Wilson):

  • Aerobatic (skill) disarms grenades in 1 hit;
  • Aerial Throw (special) disarms grenades in 1 hit;

and IronheartIronheart:

  • Resist Grenade (ability) reduces damage from grenades by 5-25% (depending on the level).

Tips & Tricks Edit

Red Skull is considered a challenging opponent because of his grenades.

  • It is a good idea to assemble a full Power team for fighting Red Skull.
  • Grenades can be disarmed by several Bomb hits, so it might be a good idea to use a leader Tsum whose skill spawns Bombs.
  • Another option is using a leader Tsum whose skill recharges fast, or whose skill covers a wide area. A popular choice is ScreamScream.

Tsums that spawn Bombs:




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