In Battle mode Mephisto is a Villain who has to be defeated for rewards. Every victory gives a chance to get the MephistoMephisto Tsum, among other prizes — the harder the difficulty, the bigger the chance.

Attacks & Abilities Edit

  • Normal Attack — Mephisto's normal damaging attack
  • Burn Burn — Burns random Tsums on the field. Player takes damage every second from every Tsum affected by Burn until they are removed. All burning Tsums are extinguished on entering Rush mode.

Coming back stronger Edit

After the "Coming back stronger" message, Mephisto's health fully recovers. There's a special attack that only occurs after this point:

  • Flames — Mephisto summons two small fires that rotate around him as he moves across the field. As they pass through tsums, they set Burning status on them. The Flames do not take damage from Chains, and they take exactly 4 hits each from Bombs or Skill AoEs before getting extinguished. Unlike most other Boss summons, they don't act as a shield in Rush mode. If Mephisto enters Rush with the Flames and survives it, the Flames will appear in exactly the same state as they were before the Rush

Strategy Edit

Mephisto is Blast, so he is countered by a team of Power.

Don't forget that the more Tsums on your team have an advantage type over the villain, the bigger your advantage!

Mephisto is countered by Ghost RiderGhost Rider:

  • Hell Fire eliminates Mephisto's flames in one hit in addition to dealing damage
  • Penance Stare eliminates Mephisto's flames in one hit in addition to dealing damage

Burn Burn is countered by:

Burning Tsums should be removed as soon as possible, since each of them deals damage consistently (every second) until they are removed or the status effect is lifted.

Tips & Tricks Edit

Mephisto is considered one of more difficult Battle bosses because of his tendency to set things on fire and, in particular, because of his nasty Flames. Ghost RiderGhost Rider has massive bonuses in this fight, so if everything else fails, use him as Leader. But even without him there are ways to make the battle easier on yourself.

  • As Mephisto is Blast, Power characters have an advantage. However in this particular case it is more important to have burn resist than a full Power team, as Mephisto's stats are not altogether that terrifying and most of the damage you'll receive will be from burning. As such, take a team of two of your best Power characters and the highest-level character with Resist Burn Ability. You should also level up this ability as much as you can.
  • It is a good idea to hoard Bombs, only using them when Mephisto has summoned his Flames or just set fire to the field. Also, with a large number of bombs on the screen fewer Tsums will be affected because there will be hardly any Tsums left on the field. You can't burn down when there's nothing to burn!
  • In fact, correct handling of Bombs is a crucial part of success against Mephisto. Flames take 4 hits each, and chances are you will make most of those hits with Bombs, so don't waste them!
  • In co-op mode, when Mephisto is not at your field, you should watch the HP bar. If you start to take regular damage in multiples of 10, it's a good indication that your partner is burning. In this case you may want to send some Bombs their way and/or make Chains to hurry up the Rush.

Clear Rewards Edit

hardEnergy Coinx2,000
expertEnergyEnergy ISO-violetx2
chaosEnergyEnergyEnergy Orbx2

You can also get rewards for playing the game 99 times and for farming the boss to 99 Luck.

For more information see: Achievements#Battle Achievements

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