In Battle mode Loki is a Villain who has to be defeated for rewards. Every victory gives a chance to get the LokiLoki Tsum, among other prizes — the harder the difficulty, the bigger the chance.

Henchmen Edit

At the start of the battle ChitauriChitauri appear and Loki himself is nowhere to be seen. The Chitauri appear by two or three at a time, and after some of them are defeated, new Chitauri take their place. After defeating a certain number of them, there's a "The real battle begins here" message and the boss himself appears.

Attacks & Abilities Edit

  • Sceptre Attack — Loki attacks with his SceptreLink-MarvelDB.
  • Bomb consuming — Loki sucks all the Bombs on the field into himself thus preventing the player from using them. For some time new bombs that spawn or are passed over by co-op partner are also sucked in.
  • Swirl Wind — Makes small whirlwinds on some tsums causing them to move uncontrollably throughout the field. Although this does not deal any damage, the player might find it harder to make chains. All winded Tsums are settled down on entering Rush mode.
  • Loki Clone — Loki summons a clone of himself, who is in every way identical to him, except for the lower HP. While the clone is active, it gets all the damage from Chains and in Rush mode. The clone can attack with the Sceptre independently from Loki himself.
  • Disabling skills — temporarily disables the player's Skill and Special buttons

Strategy Edit

LokiLoki is Blast, so he is countered by a team of Power.

Don't forget that the more Tsums on your team have an advantage type over the villain, the bigger your advantage!

Don't forget that you can send Bombs to your partner during co-op by flicking them up quickly when the villain is not on your screen!

Swirl Winded Tsums are easily removed by Bombs.

To increase Bomb appearance, use a Tsum that spawns Bombs:




Clear Rewards Edit

normalEnergy Coinx1,000
hardEnergy Coinx2,000
expertEnergyEnergy ISO-violetx2
chaosEnergyEnergyEnergy Orbx2

You can also get rewards for playing the game 99 times and for farming the boss to 99 Luck.

For more information see: Achievements#Battle Achievements

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