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Abilities (aka "passive skills") are passive properties of a Tsum which are activated automatically, as opposed to Skills (activated by the player).


Two abilities activated at once


Three abilities activated at once

In a game, abilities are used for all the Tsums on the team. They activate on their own according to the rules for each Tsum on the team. They can even activate all at once! (Skills, on the other hand, are only active for the Leader Tsum. They become available after a certain number of Leader Tsums is collected ("trigger number") and then the player can activate them.)

Levels Edit

Skill Special Ability

Skill, Special, and Ability

A Tsum's Ability is always unlocked at level 1 from the start.

Leveling up a Tsum's Ability costs Coin Coins; it may also cost ISO-yellow Yellow ISO-8, ISO-white White ISO-8, ISO-pink Pink ISO-8, and ISO-violet Violet ISO-8. The exact cost varies between Tsums.

You can explore the Abilities and sort all Tsums by ability in the Stats article.

Types Edit

Some abilities only work in Puzzle mode, some work only in Battle mode, and there are those who work in both.

Puzzle mode Abilities Edit

  • Coin boost
  • Score boost

and others.

Battle mode Abilities Edit

  • ATK up
  • DEF up
  • Resist Burn
  • Resist Poison

and others.

Universal Abilities Edit

  • Transform: creates more Leader Tsums when a Skill is activated. The Tsums that have it are:

Activation Edit

Some Abilities are working in the background all the time, but most require activation and only last for a few seconds after that.

Background Abilities Edit

Activation Required Abilities Edit

There are several triggers to activate abilities:

  • Skill use: the Ability has a chance to be triggered when a Skill is used;
  • Combos: the Ability has a chance to be triggered when the player reaches a multiple of a particular amount of Combos (e.g. for 30 Combos that would be 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 and so on);
  • Chain: the Ability has a chance to be triggered when the player makes a Chain of a particular length or longer (e.g. if the requirement is an 10+ Chain, the Ability can be triggered on a Chain of 10 more).

Effect Edit

There are different kinds of effects Skills can cause. Most of them just burst some Tsums on the field, but there are other types of Tsums as well.

Stat Boost Edit

These kinds of Abilities boost a stat, such as Score, ATK, or DEF.

Spawning Edit

Some Abilities spawn useful items, such as Bombs or Large Tsums.

Bomb Spawners Edit

and others.

Large Tsum Spawners Edit

and others.

Resisting Abilities Edit

For more information see: Status effects

Others Edit

See also Edit


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